(USA TODAY did a profile on me here.)

Born in 1996, I have been perpetually described as having my 'head in the clouds.'  I attended Syosset High School in Long Island, New York.  After acceptance to the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, I deferred my admission to pursue my projects, and after some time, am back at Penn.

Due to my inability to sit still, I jumped at every opportunity to participate in business ventures, political campaigns, and non-profit organizations (see full bio).

In my time off and before Wharton, I founded Students4Students College Advisory, a higher ed. consulting firm, and Millennial Marketing Strategy, a full-service digital marketing company.  

Now, I focus on curating the Next Gen Summit, and launching Next Gen Ventures.

I recently launched my best-selling book - What Wakes You Up? - and decided to donate all my profits to the Next Gen Foundation, a nonprofit scholarship granting organization.

Some people have paid attention to my shenanigans, and have featured me in Forbes, USA Today, Inc. Magazine, Huffington Post, and more.

I'm actively seeking new opportunities, and am so excited for what the future holds.  If you want it, my full bio is here.

Check out my blog, chat with me on Twitter, and let's connect.