In December 2015, I published my best-selling book, What Wakes You Up?

100% of launch profits were donated to the next gen foundation, a scholarship granting organization empowering underserved youth interested in entrepreneurship.

"'What Wakes You Up?' is the blueprint for young people to find success on an entrepreneurial path. Justin's leadership is inspiring and impressive. Bravo!" - Frank Shankwitz, Founder of Make-A-Wish Foundation

"'What Wakes You Up?' is a revolutionary framework for young entrepreneurs, guiding them through the entire process of life-design and entrepreneurship. If young people want to start living their lives today, and not in 20 years, Lafazan's book is the key." - Ron Klein, Inventor of the Credit Card Magnetic Strip

"'What Wakes You Up?' is a game-changer for young entrepreneurs. Lafazan's emphasis on perseverance makes this book a must-read for all young people beginning their journey." - Brian Smith, Founder of UGG

"'What Wakes You Up?' is spot-on in that we cannot be what someone else wants us to be no matter if they are family, friends or business associates. We must march to our own drum beat whatever that may be or however wild others think it is--just chase your iconic dreams no matter where it takes you." - Gene Landrum, Creator of Chuck E. Cheese's